Dr. Chro Saber Muhammad

Post date: Nov 07, 2015 9:33:28 AM

Dr. Chro Saber Muhammad came back to our school after six months of rotation in United States, from April 1st 2015 to September 30th 2015 in Wake Forest Baptist medical center.

Dr. Chro had Dr.Steven H. Wong as leader supervisor, a professor of pathology, director of clinical chemistry and toxicology, who’s make her undergo a most educational training in the discipline of chemical pathology, clinical and forensic toxicology both in

  • Wakeforest Baptist hospital in North Carolina

  • Johns Hopkins hospital in Maryland, supervised by Dr.William Clarke, for human performance toxicology.

  • North Carolina medical examiner’s office (OCME), supervised by Dr.Ruth E. Wineker, for postmortem forensic toxicology.

Activity in wake forest hospital under Dr.Steven Wong’s supervision

§ Quality control reviews and correction

§ Mass spectrometry analyzer technology for therapeutic drug monitoring, with Dr.Elizabeth Palavicino, and validation of a new test.

§ Presentations with clinical collaboration arranged by Dr.Gregory Pomper

§ Join Quality control, point of care and special chemistry meeting.