Medical Education


To adapt to the needs of the modern generation of students and provide an integrated and student-centered teaching system, the Medical Education Department (MED) has been established in the College of Medicine (CoM) University of Sulaimani. MED aims at providing a well-structured and standardized modern curriculum, implementing modern teaching methodologies, and using relevant assessment methods that equip students with the essential and up-to-date knowledge, skills, and ethical foundation required for successful medical practice. Furthermore, MED attaches great importance to offering consistent training for our faculty and admin staff and regularly revising and developing the curriculum to match community needs and prevailing standards. MED ensures practicing transparency, sustainability, and accountability at our college through the quality assurance and control unit.

Branch Vision:

The Medical Education Department's vision is to become a leading force in advancing healthcare by fostering innovation in medical education, driving impactful research efforts, and delivering exceptional clinical services in the region.

Branch Mission:

The department's mission is to emphasize on equipping our medical students with the necessary skills, up-to-date knowledge, and a collaborative attitude to excel in their careers as healthcare professionals and future leaders.
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