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A workshop conducted by Prof. Dr. Hilal al-Saffar entitled “Curriculum Reforms: Lessons Learned” was attended by the academic staff of CoM-UoS. The workshop introduced the steps of curriculum revision in the College of Medicine – Baghdad University and the subsequent collaboration with Nottingham Medical School. Moreover, there was an emphasis on the importance of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs), faculty development programs, assessment development, e-learning, feedback, and healthcare services.

On 20th and 22nd Feb 2024, Prof. Dr. Hilal al-Saffar conducted a simulated “Integrated Based Learning Teaching Methodology” group work session with the participation of over 100 medical students and academic staff members. The aim was to familiarize students and academic staff with the latest methodologies in Medical Education and how to effectively manage large numbers of students while keeping them engaged and motivated. Methodologies implemented in this session included:

On February 19th, 2024, Dr. Trifa A. Mahmood, the Respiratory module leader, conducted a workshop organized by the Medical Education Department. The module members participated, engaging in discussions about recent changes and updates to the current year’s module. Additionally, they explored new teaching methods to facilitate and enhance student engagement during study sessions.

By Dr.Rozhan Yassin and Dr.Salama Kamil

For enhanced support in aiding medical students’ adaptation to the university environment, the College of Medicine’s PAL program has arranged a lecture presented by the SEED Foundation on stress management. This lecture serves as a component of the University Work Environment course.

SEED provides case Management and Mental Health Services for those in need, including IDPs, refugees, and members of the host community.

SEED Contact Information


[email protected]

On 11th Jan 2024, the TQA Orientation Workshop was held by Dr.Baraa Al-Hashimi, CoM-UoS TQA representative. The workshop is held annually to provide orientation and updates on UoS-TQA instructions. The Medical Education and Clinical Science Branch of the CoM actively participated. A recent workshop took place on January 4th for the Basic Science Branch.

During their training in the Pediatric Health and Diseases Block, students from the College of Medicine visited a Montessori kindergarten in Sulaimani to provide health instructions for children and monitor their development. The students shared general health instructions with the children, distributed informative materials, and showed prevention-related videos. We extend our gratitude to the Director of Montessori Republic International Kindergarten, as well as their teachers and staff, for their cooperation and hospitality.

کۆلێجی پزیشکی خوێندکارانی بلۆکی تەندروستی و نەخۆشی یەکانی مناڵان, لە میانەی ڕاهێنانەکانی لەو بوارەداو بۆ پێدانی ڕێنمایی تەندرووستی بۆ مناڵان و چاودێری گەشەی مناڵان سەردانی باخچەی مۆنتیسۆری یان کرد لەناو شاری سلێمانی, و خوێندکاران هەستان بەپێدانی کۆمەڵێک ڕێنمایی گشتی بۆ مناڵە چاوگەشەکان و پێدانی بەڕاوێکی پڕ زانیاری بە مناڵەکان کە بیبەنەوە ماڵەوە, وه پیشاندانی چەند ڤیدیۆیەکی زانیاری گشتی بۆ  خۆپارێزی.

.سوپاسی بەڕێوبەری باخچەی مۆنتیسۆری کۆمار ی نێودەوڵەتی ئەکەین لەگەڵ مامۆستا و کارمەندە بەڕێزەکانیان بۆ هاوکاری و میواندارییان

لە درێژەی چالاکییەکانی بەرزکردنەوەی ئاستی زانستی پراکتیکی پزیشکی لەلایەن کۆلێجەوە ، لقی فێرکردنی  پزیشکی کۆلێج چالاکیەکی زانستی بۆ بەڕێز دکتۆر دیاری قادر پسپۆڕی نەشتەرگەری جومگەکان و جومگەی ئەژنۆ  بەناونیشانی

On November 30th, the MSN (Medical Student Network) organized an event to welcome first-stage students. The event featured a variety of activities, including a short video presentation highlighting the college’s history, informational sessions about the college, musical performances, singing, and a speech delivered by the assistant dean.

In the presence of Assistant Dean Dr. Khanda Latif, Head of Basic Medical Science Branch Dr. Sherwan Omer, and Head of Phase I Dr. Alan Abdulla, the college deanery recognized and awarded the top-ranking students from last year’s graduates.


Join us on a journey into the future of medicine!
Our commitment to integrating AI in medicine takes center stage. The Branch of Medical Education invites faculties and students to our seminar series on AI in Medicine.
On November 26, Prof Ayub Bokani explores the ‘Basics of AI and its Applications in Medicine.’ A lecture for year one students. Be part of this transformative experience!

Prof Ayub Bokani, PhD in Computer Science & Engineering
He is a Prof & a Researcher at Central Queensland University Sydney, Australia.

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