Accreditation Site Visit by AQACHEI assessor team to CoM-UoS

Post Date:
06 Feb 2024

In a significant milestone for the College of Medicine at the University of Sulaimani (CoM-UoS), an accreditation site visit was conducted started February 4th, 2024, by the renowned international assessor team assigned by AQACHEI (Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions), endorsed by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

During the assessment process, the AQACHEI team engaged in various activities including meetings with university officials, inspections of facilities, and interviews with key stakeholders. The assessment team meticulously evaluated the college’s infrastructure, faculty, and educational processes, with a thorough examination of evidence documents prepared by the CoM-UoS accreditation team.

Accreditation serves as a vital step in the quality assurance process, ensuring alignment with established standards in education and practice. CoM-UoS’s commitment to seeking accreditation reflects its dedication to upholding national guidelines and enhancing standards in the field of medicine. Through this process, the college aims to identify areas of improvement while building on its strengths to produce competent graduates equipped to serve their communities and provide exceptional patient care.

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