A Workshop on Capacity Building of National Assessors Team


9:00 am
University of Sulaimani, New Campus, Congress Hall and Site visit to the College of Medicine
Post Date:
26 Sep 2023

On Wednesday, Sep 13th, 2023, a workshop on “Capacity Building of National Assessors Team” was held at the University of Sulaimani for medical colleges.

The workshop took place under the guidance of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, with support from Sulaimani University’s Medical College and the National Council of Medical Colleges. It saw active participation from a substantial contingent of university professors and medical practitioners. The event unfolded within the conference facilities of Sulaimani University and was centered on the crucial accreditation procedure that all medical colleges in Iraq must undergo to conform to global benchmarks.

Professor Dr. Twana Abdulrahman, the dean of the University of Sulaimani’s College of Medicine, emphasized the importance of the activity related to the trust-receiving process, which he believes should be embraced by all medical schools in Iraq. This step is crucial to ensure that the quality of medical education aligns with international standards, enabling medical graduates to pursue careers worldwide.

To achieve this goal, international consultants from various regions in Iraq have been invited to participate in a workshop. The primary objective of this workshop is to enhance the teaching methodologies employed by medical colleges. These improvements aim to demonstrate the competence and credibility of the colleges, ultimately facilitating the acquisition of trust and recognition for medical education institutions in Iraq. Professor Dr. Twana anticipates that this workshop will be instrumental in securing trust and credibility for medical colleges across the country.

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